Who are Explorer Scouts?


Explorers Scouts are young people who like excitement, adventure, and challenge. They are aged between 14 to 18 and make up the fourth section of the Scouting, after Beavers' Cubs and Scouts. Being an Explorer is always fun; there is an amazing range of activities you can get involved in, an extensive programme of challenges to face, and no shortage of rewards if you show commitment and initiative. To anyone who hasn’t tried Scouting before, I’d say come on up and have a go! Some of our most committed Explorers have come from a non-scouting background before joining us.   


What we do.


As an Explorer Scout, you'll be expected to attend the regular meetings. You'll often have the opportunity to go away at weekends, take part in outdoor activities or meet with Explorers from other parts of Sutton Coldfield.  We also participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards as these tie in well with the Scouting Awards (two for the price of one!) 

Skills learned at Scouts also translate well in to the work place and life #Skillsforlike #BePrepared


Explorer Scouting gives you an invaluable opportunity to find out what you want to, and could do, in life. It equips you with important life skills which are not easily acquires elsewhere, as well as a lifelong network of friends.

Join us! We don't have a waiting list, and hopefully never will,

Explorers take much more control of their own programme and the requirements on adult to child ratios aren't as demanding.