Leaders and Helpers

Beaver Leaders

It takes a team to run a Scout group, from the Group Scout Leader to the the Young Leader learning the ropes, from the Group Chair to the Parent Helper who mows the grass, they are all essential to the smooth provision of Scouting to our Young People


We need advisors, leaders, fund raisers, members of the Group Executive, help with site maintenance and much, much more.  Any help you can give is appreciated 

If you want to enquire, please contact.  info@beechescouts.co.uk





Likes beer, dancing on the tables and embarasing Keo



Likes her Bailey and loves her husband


Builds models and pulls a mean pint

Margaret - Keeo
The Old hand, 

Accountancy Masters Studen


Cub Leaders



Dont mess with him, Prison Officer and  Man U fan, 


Scout Leaders 


Swimming , Teacher Training, Weight lifting , joined Scounting at 6 and hasnt stopped yet!

Drives Busses


First Aid Trainer and 

Explorer Leaders

Steve (ESL) 

Has been an Explorer Leader for 12 years . He is also the Tame Valley DESA,   a Du of Ed Award Expedition Assessor and he has  been a leader on 2 Explorer Belts in Japan and Sweden.


He Enjoys Mountain Hiking, Wild Camping, Indoor Climbing and Dungeons & Dragons 


Alistair (Assistant ESL)


Alistair has been an Explorer Leader for 15 years

He has been a leader on several Tall Ships voyages and enjoys Photography, Horticulture and Rugby




Matt (Assistant ESL)

Matt has been a leader for 2 years and has been involced in scouting since he was dropped at cubs 


He enjoys travel flying and yeeting frisbees





Group Exec

Group Scout Leader (GSL) - Steve

Yes, he is the Explorer Leader

Group Chair - John

Likes Bees, Honey and growing veg on his allotment

Group President - Skip

Assistant GSL
Member of Phoenix Ventures, Shopping Trolley rally champion and likes to frequent to bottom of deep pools

Assistant GSL - Kevin
Likes Koi Carp, a decent beer and badminton. K

Group Secretary

Role Currently Vacant

Treasurer - Linda

Linda is not only involved at the 25th she is also a Guide Leader in the Perry Barr Didstrict

Explorer Parent
Role Currently Vacan

Scout Parent

Cub Parent

Beaver Parent

Sharon - Bhagheera

The section leaders also have a position on the Group Executive

Fundraiding Team